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Form And Grow Your Business Organization

Texas is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation but setting up a business on your own puts you at risk of making costly mistakes. Prevent litigation and launch your enterprise from a position of strength with the help of experienced business law attorneys.

If you already own a business and hope to expand or transition to a more advanced business structure, get trustworthy legal counsel to prevent pitfalls and quickly address any controversies that arise.

At Johns & Johns, you will find a full array of legal services designed to help you start and build your business with confidence.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Businesses

A solid legal foundation for your business or corporation can free you up as a talented businessperson to move forward with the activities you do best:

  • Designing products and services
  • Putting together production and marketing teams
  • Lining up supply chains
  • Managing commercial or corporate properties

Our Texas business lawyers can guide you through the necessary legal processes, such as:

  • Selecting a business entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company [LLC] or S corps)
  • Arranging for licensing, permitting, franchising and more
  • Understanding and implementing structures and processes to limit tax liabilities
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for transactions with venders, employees and other businesses
  • Buying raw materials, tools and machinery, office equipment and vehicles necessary to run your business efficiently
  • Purchasing, merging or selling businesses

Without the assistance of an attorney, you may run into trouble that will be difficult or impossible to undo. You may unknowingly expose yourself, your employees and your business to liabilities and regulatory compliance challenges.

Knowledgeable legal counsel, on the other hand, can help you put your business or business expansion on sound footing and keep it that way.

Put Experience And Confidence On Your Side

Johns & Johns has been a trusted name in the Beaumont community for nearly 70 years. Our attorneys are well-prepared and equipped to tackle any legal issues that have an impact on your business.

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