Fighting Aggressively For The Rights Of Our Clients

A Determined Pursuit Of Justice Through Civil Litigation

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in civil litigation, you should have confidence in your lawyer as you go through the legal processes. The outcome of a personal injury or breach of contract lawsuit may have a great impact on your life.

For optimum results, work with an attorney from a law firm that has a strong track record of success. Johns & Johns, established in 1953, has a well-earned reputation for effective representation. We are modern in our approach to law and apply sophisticated strategies in the pursuit of justice for our clients. As our client, you can count on quality advocacy in support of your best interests.

Common Litigation And Legal Disputes That We Handle

We advocate for our clients who have suffered or may experience financial losses from injustices involving the following issues:

  • Estate disputes including will contests, trust litigation, breach of fiduciary duty claims and litigation in intestate cases (when there is no will)
  • Contract disputes involving homeowners (breach of contract claims versus contractors, plumbers, electricians, appliance dealerships and other entities), consumers (responding to wrongs such as products not delivered, services not rendered as expected and dishonored warranties) or business owners (in controversies with employees, vendors and other businesses)
  • Insurance litigation, representing homeowners, car owners, business owners and others in coverage disputes when insurance companies refuse to pay full amounts for legitimate claims
  • Real estate-related disputes, including boundary and easement controversies
  • Libel and slander claims involving loss of reputation and/or income

We also help clients prevent litigation through contract reviews and estate planning. We draft and revise powers of attorneys, health care directives and trusts for our clients.

Representing Clients In Personal Injury Claims

Our team also takes on a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from accidents such as the following:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation injuries
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability cases
  • Serious medical errors, such as operations performed on the wrong side of patients’ bodies
  • Dog bites, other animal attacks, food poisoning and more
  • Police brutality
  • Violence made possible through inadequate security

Rely On Our Knowledgeable Legal Counsel

In any civil litigation matter, there is simply no substitute for a skilled, experienced attorney on your side. Our firm’s nearly 70 years of law practice have given us insights and techniques that someone without a lawyer could not expect to replicate. We know the courts and judges, laws and court precedents.

To give your case the momentum that it deserves, bring your concerns to our attention by phone, in person or through a video conference. Call our Beaumont law offices at 409-833-2233 or complete our online form to reach us.